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Juliet’s back with “I Know It All”

On October 20, Vietnamese Women’s Day, Juliet makes a dramatic statement with “I Know It All,” accompanied by a hand-drawn animated music video.

I Know It All Cover Art

Juliet Cover Art – Juliet

Juliet’s Empowering New Single, ‘I Know It All,’ Breaks Free from Toxic Relationships

“I Know It All” depicts the long-overdue end of a terrible relationship: the release from stale arguments and monotonous turbulence. The inspiration comes from a series of small observations of crumbling relationships around her, the ruts and bad habits people get stuck in, the comfortable and unhealthy routines that turn into psychological prisons. The fact is, many women trapped in bad relationships do not leave. They’re afraid, they’re gaslighted, they’re deprived of social support networks, they’re weighed down by the patriarchal ideas of womanhood and duty and sacrifice and the stain of a woman scorned. Juliet isn’t known for her writing from reality. She writes from wishful thinking and vengeful fantasies. She writes from the place of hope that one day, the subjects of her story will have the courage, the support, the means, and the opportunity to leave.

Strongly influenced by Adele and Lana Del Rey, Juliet wrote this on a small portable keyboard in the middle of the night in late 2021. The forceful, theatrical nature of the song is translated smoothly in the high drama of strings handled by Dong Nguyen in their first collaboration. As all of her previously released songs were produced by Nam Nguyen Pro, this is a sign that Juliet is branching out and seeking to renew her sound.

The Room of Women

The lyric video is a piece of hand-drawn animation, taking up 2 weeks of continuous work, straight from the desk of Juliet herself.

  • At 15, Juliet went to America to pursue an education in the arts, where she was particularly taken with the vibrant style of Henri Matisse. A French painter in the early 20th century, Matisse was known for his depictions of beautiful rooms and beautiful women, who were, in fact, sex workers from French colonies in North Africa. As a Vietnamese artist whose country was once a French colony, Juliet sets out on a journey to reclaim these spaces, these interiors, these bodies. What’s shown below are not rooms of a French colonizer, they are rooms of the women. Her first attempt was with the “Last Time in New York” lyric video (2022). This time around, Juliet is doing what she does second best (after singing!): painting. The lyric video consists of almost 300 frames, each and every one hand-drawn by Juliet herself.

    Since the song is about reclaiming a woman’s self respect and freedom by leaving a bad relationship, the video strives to demonstrate the process of reclaiming a woman’s space.

    In the beginning, Juliet is thinking something over. Around her, evidence of a neglected household — reflecting the desolation and devastation that ending an intense and toxic relationship brings about. The catalyst comes when the house catches on fire and our protagonist, instead of saving it, lets it burn. In the aftermath, she emerges from her hiding place and walks through the wreckage. In her wake, plants — life, hope, pride, joy — come back to fill the blackened space. The house and its demoralizing domesticity is now a thriving forest. But that alone is not enough. She now must venture outside the house into the world. The video ends with Juliet opening the front door.

    In case you missed out on Juliet’s story

    Juliet is a Vietnamese singer/songwriter based in New York City. She wrote her first song at the age of 14 and sat cross-legged in front of her two friends to play it out on a guitar out of tune. Her latest single, “Good Luck in Chicago,” landed her on the cover of Spotify’s “Fresh Finds Vietnam” playlist and a slot in the coveted “EQUAL Global.” An avid reader, Juliet often draws inspiration from the great works of American literature, drawing from their narrative arcs that are mixed with her own experience, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Influenced by great storytellers like Billy Joel and Bob Dylan, she seeks to lay out her view of the world through the mosaic of small details in life: the way we walk home, the lies we tell, the habits we cling to, the confusion we can’t seem to get rid of, and the burden of youth we endure.

    Juliet – I Know It All is out now

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